Pylint "unresolved import" error in visual studio code

I am using the following setup

  • MacOS Mojave
  • Python 3.7.1
  • Visual Studio Code 1.30
  • Pylint 2.2.2
  • Django 2.1.4

I want to use linting to make my life a bit easier in visual studio code however, every import i have states "unresolved import". Even on default django imports (i.e. from django.db import models).

I presume it is because it is not seeing the virtual environment python files.

Everything works just fine but but it's starting to get annoying.

The interpreter choices i have are all system versions of python. It does not seem to see my virtual environment python at all (it is not in the same directory as my workspace, so that part makes sense).

If i setup the python.PythonPath in the settings.json file, it just ignores it and does not list my virtual environment path as an option. I also tried setting it up in my global python settings but it also does not show up.

Has anyone run into this issue and know a quick fix to get it working?

Thanks, jAC

In your workspace settings, you can set your python path like this:

        "python.pythonPath": "/path/to/your/venv/bin/python",