Pipenv: Command Not Found

I'm new to Python development and attempting to use pipenv. I ran the command pip install pipenv, which ran successfully:

    Successfully built pipenv pathlib shutilwhich pythonz-bd virtualenv-clone
    Installing collected packages: virtualenv, pathlib, shutilwhich, backports.shutil-get-terminal-size, pythonz-bd, virtualenv-clone, pew, first, six, click, pip-tools, certifi, chardet, idna, urllib3, requests, pipenv

However, when I run the command pipenv install in a fresh root project directory I receive the following message: -bash: pipenv: command not found. I suspect that I might need to modify my .bashrc, but I'm unclear about what to add to the file or if modification is even necessary.

That happens because you are not installing it globally (system wide). For it to be available in your path you need to install it using sudo, like this:

    $ sudo pip install pipenv

From: stackoverflow.com/q/46391721