Conda command is not recognized on Windows 10

I installed Anaconda 4.4.0 (Python 3.6 version) on Windows 10 by following the instructions here: However, when I open the Command prompt window and try to write

    conda list

I get the

'conda' command is not recognized...


I tried to run

    set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Users\Alex\Anaconda3

but it didn't help. I also read that I might need to edit my .bashrc file, but I don't know how to access this file, and how I should edit it.

In Windows, you will have to set the path to the location where you installed Anaconda3 to.

For me, I installed anaconda3 into C:\Anaconda3. Therefore you need to add C:\Anaconda3 as well as C:\Anaconda3\Scripts\ to your path variable, e.g. set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Anaconda3;C:\Anaconda3\Scripts\.

You can do this via powershell (see above, ), or hit the windows key → enter environment → choose from settingsedit environment variables for your account → select Path variable → EditNew.

To test it, open a new dos shell, and you should be able to use conda commands now. E.g., try conda --version.