How to uninstall Anaconda completely from MacOS

How can I completely uninstall Anaconda from MacOS Sierra and revert back to the original Python? I have tried using conda-clean -yes but that doesn't work. I also remove the stuff in ~/.bash_profile but it still uses the Anaconda python and I can still run the conda command.

To remove the configs:

    conda install anaconda-clean
    anaconda-clean --yes

Once the configs are removed you can delete the anaconda install folder, usually under your home dir:

    rm -rf ~/anaconda2

Also, the anaconda-clean --yes command creates a backup in your home directory of the format ~/.anaconda_backup/<timestamp>. Make sure to delete that one also.

EDIT (v5.2.0) : Now if you want to clean all, you will also have to delete the two last lines added to your .bash_profile. They look like:

    # added by Anaconda3 5.2.0 installer
    export PATH="/Users/ody/anaconda3/bin:$PATH"