Jupyter Notebook authentication token while in Pycharm

I am trying to use the Jupyter notebook in Pycharm, but I realized that in the new Jupyter update, there was the addition of tokens.

I am following the tutorial below from JetBrains.

With all the settings initiated with the virtual environment created and setting the URL as, however, when I click on the run cell button, it follows that I get the following message from Jupyter Notebook asking:

Please, enter your Jupyter Notebook URL and authentication token

like this:

PyCharm error message: Enter Jupyter Notebook URL authentication token

I looked it up on the Jupyter update blog and it says that my web browser should be initiated which generates a token for access, but I do not see that my browser is loaded here.

Help would be greatly appreciated here.

Running jupyter notebook list will display all of the running servers on your machine. So doing this in the terminal after starting a cell in PyCharm will result in output similar to Currently running servers: :: /home/.... which contains the appropriate token for authenticating.

From: stackoverflow.com/q/41736309