How to Add Incremental Numbers to a New Column Using Pandas

I have this simplified dataframe:

    ID   Fruit
    F1   Apple
    F2   Orange
    F3   Banana

I want to add in the begining of the dataframe a new column df['New_ID'] which has the number 880 that increments by one in each row.

The output should be simply like:

    New_ID   ID   Fruit
    880      F1   Apple
    881      F2   Orange
    882      F3   Banana

I tried the following:

    df['New_ID'] = ["880"] # but I want to do this without assigning it the list of numbers literally

Any idea how to solve this?



    df = df.reset_index()
    df.columns[0] = 'New_ID'
    df['New_ID'] = df.index + 880