Python: Convert list to dictionary with indexes

I am trying to convert the following list:

    list = ['A','B','C']

To a dictionary like:

    dict = {'A':0, 'B':1, 'C':2}

I have tried answers from other posts none which is working for me. I have the following code for now:

    {list[i]: i for i in range(len(list))}

Which gives me this error:

    unhashable type: 'list'

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

You can get the indices of a list from the built-in enumerate. You just need to reverse the index value map and use a dictionary comprehension to create a dictionary

    >>> lst = ['A','B','C']
    >>> {k: v for v, k in enumerate(lst)}
    {'A': 0, 'C': 2, 'B': 1}

Ohh, and never name a variable to a built-in or a type.