In Tensorflow, get the names of all the Tensors in a graph

I am creating neural nets with Tensorflow and skflow; for some reason I want to get the values of some inner tensors for a given input, so I am using myClassifier.get_layer_value(input, "tensorName"), myClassifier being a skflow.estimators.TensorFlowEstimator.

However, I find it difficult to find the correct syntax of the tensor name, even knowing its name (and I'm getting confused between operation and tensors), so I'm using tensorboard to plot the graph and look for the name.

Is there a way to enumerate all the tensors in a graph without using tensorboard?

You can do

    [ for n in tf.get_default_graph().as_graph_def().node]

Also, if you are prototyping in an IPython notebook, you can show the graph directly in notebook, see show_graph function in Alexander's Deep Dream notebook