Where is the documentation on Pandas 'Freq' tags?

I am new to Pandas, and am trying to use date_range. I came across all kinds of good things for freq, like BME and BMS and I would like to be able to quickly look up the proper strings to get what I want. Yesterday I found a nicely formatted table somewhere in the documentation, but the title of the table was so obtuse that I can not use search to find it again today.

You can find it called Offset Aliases:

A number of string aliases are given to useful common time series frequencies. We will refer to these aliases as offset aliases (referred to as time rules prior to v0.8.0).

    Alias   Description
    B       business day frequency
    C       custom business day frequency (experimental)
    D       calendar day frequency
    W       weekly frequency
    M       month end frequency
    BM      business month end frequency
    CBM     custom business month end frequency
    MS      month start frequency
    BMS     business month start frequency
    CBMS    custom business month start frequency
    Q       quarter end frequency
    BQ      business quarter endfrequency
    QS      quarter start frequency
    BQS     business quarter start frequency
    A       year end frequency
    BA      business year end frequency
    AS      year start frequency
    BAS     business year start frequency
    BH      business hour frequency
    H       hourly frequency
    T, min  minutely frequency
    S       secondly frequency
    L, ms   milliseonds
    U, us   microseconds
    N       nanoseconds

But later it can be better:

DOC: more complete docs on offsets/frequencies needed #8438

DOC: in docstrings point users to valid offset aliases #3324

From: stackoverflow.com/q/35339139