How to install xgboost in Anaconda Python (Windows platform)?

I am a new Python user. I downloaded the latest Anaconda 3 2.4.1 (Python 3.5) from the below link:

My PC Configurations are: Windows 10, 64 bit, 4GB RAM

I have spent hours trying to find the right way to download the package after the 'pip install xgboost' failed in the Anaconda command prompt but couldn't find any specific instructions for Anaconda.

Can anyone help on how to install xgboost from Anaconda?

The easiest way (Worked for me) is to do the following:

    anaconda search -t conda xgboost

You will get a list of install-able features like this:

enter image description here

for example if you want to install the first one on the list mndrake/xgboost (FOR WINDOWS-64bits):

    conda install -c mndrake xgboost

If you're in a Unix system you can choose any other package with " linux-64 " on the right.