Is Tensorflow compatible with a Windows workflow?

I haven't seen anything about Windows compatibility -- is this on the way or currently available somewhere if I put forth some effort? (I have a Mac and an Ubuntu box but the Windows machine is the one with the discrete graphics card that I currently use with theano).

Updated 11/28/2016: Today we released the first release candidate of TensorFlow 0.12, which includes support for Windows. You can install the Python bindings using the following command in a Python shell:

    C:\> pip install tensorflow

...or, if you want GPU support:

    C:\> pip install tensorflow-gpu

You can also build TensorFlow yourself using Microsoft Visual C++ and NVCC (for the CUDA parts). The easiest way to build on Windows is currently to use the CMake build, and we will soon provide support for Bazel on Windows.

Previous answer: We haven't tried to build TensorFlow on Windows so far: the only supported platforms are Linux (Ubuntu) and Mac OS X, and we've only built binaries for those platforms.

For now, on Windows, the easiest way to get started with TensorFlow would be to use Docker:

It should become easier to add Windows support when Bazel (the build system we are using) adds support for building on Windows, which is on the roadmap for Bazel 0.3. You can see the full Bazel roadmap here.

In the meantime, you can follow issue 17 on the TensorFlow GitHub page.


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