How to embed image or picture in jupyter notebook, either from a local machine or from a web resource?

I would like to include image in a jupyter notebook.

If I did the following, it works :

    from IPython.display import Image

But I would like to include the images in a markdown cell and the following code gives a 404 error :


I also tried


But I still get the same error :

    404 GET /notebooks/%22/home/user/folder/img/picture.png%22 ( 2.74ms referer=http://localhost:8888/notebooks/notebook.ipynb

You mustn't use quotation marks around the name of the image files in markdown!

If you carefully read your error message, you will see the two %22 parts in the link. That is the html encoded quotation mark.

You have to change the line





It is assumed, that you have the following file structure and that you run the jupyter notebook command in the directory where the file example.ipynb (<-- contains the markdown for the image) is stored:

    +-- example.ipynb
    +-- img
        +-- picture.png


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