SQLAlchemy ORM conversion to pandas DataFrame

This topic hasn't been addressed in a while, here or elsewhere. Is there a solution converting a SQLAlchemy <Query object> to a pandas DataFrame?

Pandas has the capability to use pandas.read_sql but this requires use of raw SQL. I have two reasons for wanting to avoid it: 1) I already have everything using the ORM (a good reason in and of itself) and 2) I'm using python lists as part of the query (eg: .db.session.query(Item).filter(Item.symbol.in_(add_symbols) where Item is my model class and add_symbols is a list). This is the equivalent of SQL SELECT ... from ... WHERE ... IN.

Is anything possible?

Below should work in most cases:

    df = pd.read_sql(query.statement, query.session.bind)

See pandas.read_sql documentation for more information on the parameters.

From: stackoverflow.com/q/29525808

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