what are all the dtypes that pandas recognizes?

For pandas, would anyone know, if any datatype apart from

(i) float64, int64 (and other variants of np.number like float32, int8 etc.)

(ii) bool

(iii) datetime64, timedelta64

such as string columns, always have a dtype of object ?

Alternatively, I want to know, if there are any datatype apart from (i), (ii) and (iii) in the list above that pandas does not make it's dtype an object?

There's also uint8.

The Pandas docs on dtypes have a lot more information.

The main types stored in pandas objects are float, int, bool, datetime64[ns], timedelta[ns], and object. In addition these dtypes have item sizes, e.g. int64 and int32.

By default integer types are int64 and float types are float64, REGARDLESS of platform (32-bit or 64-bit). The following will all result in int64 dtypes.

Numpy, however will choose platform-dependent types when creating arrays. The following WILL result in int32 on 32-bit platform.

From: stackoverflow.com/q/29245848