member variable string gets treated as Tuple in Python

I am currently learning Python with the help of CodeAcademy. My problem may be related to their web application, but my suspicion is I am just wrong on a very fundamental level here.

If you want to follow along I am referring to -> Python -> Classes 6/11

My code looks like this:

    class Car(object):
        condition = "new"
        def __init__(self, model, color, mpg):
            self.model = model,
            self.color = color,
            self.mpg = mpg

    my_car = Car("DeLorean", "silver", 88)
    print my_car.model
    print my_car.color
    print my_car.mpg
    print my_car.condition

What is suppossed to happen, is, that every member variable of the object my_car gets printed on screen. I was expecting that like condition, color and model would be treated as a string, but instead get treated as a Tuple.

The output looks like this:

    ('DeLorean',) #Tuple
    ('silver',) #Tuple
    new #String

Which leads to the validation failing, because CA expects "silver" but the code returns ('silver',).

Where is the error in my code on this?

In your __init__, you have:

        self.model = model,
        self.color = color,

which is how you define a tuple. Change the lines to

        self.model = model
        self.color = color

without the comma:

    >>> a = 2,
    >>> a


    >>> a = 2
    >>> a