How do I activate a virtualenv inside PyCharm's terminal?

I've set up PyCharm, created my virtualenv (either through the virtual env command, or directly in PyCharm) and activated that environment as my Interpreter. Everything is working just fine.

However, if I open a terminal using "Tools, Open Terminal", the shell prompt supplied is not using the virtual env; I still have to use source ~/envs/someenv/bin/activate within that Terminal to activate it.

Another method is to activate the environment in a shell, and run PyCharm from that environment. This is "workable" but pretty ugly, and means I have major problems if I switch environments or projects from PyCharm: I'm now using the totally-wrong environment.

Is there some other, much-easier way to have "Tools, Open Terminal" automatically activate the virtual environment?


According to, PyCharm 2016.3 (released Nov 2016) has virutalenv support for terminals out of the box

Auto virtualenv is supported for bash, zsh, fish, and Windows cmd. You can customize your shell preference in Settings (Preferences) | Tools | Terminal.

Old Method:

Create a file .pycharmrc in your home folder with the following contents

    source ~/.bashrc
    source ~/pycharmvenv/bin/activate

Using your virtualenv path as the last parameter.

Then set the shell Preferences->Project Settings->Shell path to

    /bin/bash --rcfile ~/.pycharmrc