Load data from txt with pandas

I am loading a txt file containig a mix of float and string data. I want to store them in an array where I can access each element. Now I am just doing

    import pandas as pd

    data = pd.read_csv('output_list.txt', header = None)
    print data

This is the structure of the input file: 1 0 2000.0 70.2836942112 1347.28369421 /file_address.txt.

Now the data are imported as a unique column. How can I divide it, so to store different elements separately (so I can call data[i,j])? And how can I define a header?

You can use:

    data = pd.read_csv('output_list.txt', sep=" ", header=None)
    data.columns = ["a", "b", "c", "etc."]

Add sep=" " in your code, leaving a blank space between the quotes. So pandas can detect spaces between values and sort in columns. Data columns is for naming your columns.

From: stackoverflow.com/q/21546739

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