pip connection failure: cannot fetch index base URL http://pypi.python.org/simple/

I run sudo pip install git-review, and get the following messages:

    Downloading/unpacking git-review
      Cannot fetch index base URL http://pypi.python.org/simple/
      Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement git-review
    No distributions at all found for git-review
    Storing complete log in /home/sai/.pip/pip.log

Does anyone has any idea about this?


The current version of PIP no longer has this issue. As of right now, version: 7.1.2 is the current version. Here is the PIP link:



I got this issue when trying to use pip==1.5.4

This is an issue related to PIP and Python's PYPI trusting SSL certificates. If you look in the PIP log in Mac OS X at: /Users/username/.pip/pip.log it will give you more detail.

My workaround to get PIP back up and running after hours of trying different stuff was to go into my site-packages in Python whether it is in a virtualenv or in your normal site-packages , and get rid of the current PIP version. For me I had pip==1.5.4

I deleted the PIP directory and the PIP egg file. Then I ran

    easy_install pip==1.2.1

This version of PIP doesn't have the SSL issue, and then I was able to go and run my normal pip install -r requirements.txt within my virtualenv to set up all packages that I wanted that were listed in my requirements.txt file.

This is also the recommended hack to get passed the issue by several people on this Google Group that I found:


From: stackoverflow.com/q/21294997