What's the correct way to sort Python import x and from x import y statements?

The python style guide suggests to group imports like this:

Imports should be grouped in the following order:

  1. standard library imports
  2. related third party imports
  3. local application/library specific imports

However, it does not mention anything how the two different ways of imports should be laid out:

    from foo import bar
    import foo

There are multiple ways to sort them (let's assume all those import belong to the same group):

  • first from..import, then import
     from g import gg
    from x import xx
    import abc
    import def
    import x
  • first import, then from..import
     import abc
    import def
    import x
    from g import gg
    from x import xx
  • alphabetic order by module name, ignoring the kind of import
     import abc
    import def
    from g import gg
    import x
    from xx import xx

PEP8 does not mention the preferred order for this and the "cleanup imports" features some IDEs have probably just do whatever the developer of that feature preferred.

I'm looking for another PEP clarifying this or a relevant comment/email from theBDFL (or another Python core developer). Please don't post subjective answers stating your own preference.

Imports are generally sorted alphabetically and described in various places beside PEP 8.

Alphabetically sorted modules are quicker to read and searchable. After all python is all about readability. Also It is easier to verify that something is imported, and avoids duplicated imports

There is nothing available in PEP 8 regarding sorting.So its all about choice what you use.

According to few references from reputable sites and repositories also popularity, Alphabetical ordering is the way.

for eg like this:

    import httplib
    import logging
    import random
    import StringIO
    import time
    import unittest
    from nova.api import openstack
    from nova.auth import users
    from nova.endpoint import cloud


    import a_standard
    import b_standard

    import a_third_party
    import b_third_party

    from a_soc import f
    from a_soc import g
    from b_soc import d

Reddit official repository also states that, In general PEP-8 import ordering should be used. However there are a few additions which is

    for each imported group the order of imports should be:
    import <package>.<module> style lines in alphabetical order
    from <package>.<module> import <symbol> style in alphabetical order


PS: the isort utility automatically sorts your imports.

From: stackoverflow.com/q/20762662