How to convert an OrderedDict into a regular dict in python3

I am struggling with the following problem: I want to convert an OrderedDict like this:

    OrderedDict([('method', 'constant'), ('data', '1.225')])

into a regular dict like this:

    {'method': 'constant', 'data':1.225}

because I have to store it as string in a database. After the conversion the order is not important anymore, so I can spare the ordered feature anyway.

Thanks for any hint or solutions,


    >>> from collections import OrderedDict
    >>> OrderedDict([('method', 'constant'), ('data', '1.225')])
    OrderedDict([('method', 'constant'), ('data', '1.225')])
    >>> dict(OrderedDict([('method', 'constant'), ('data', '1.225')]))
    {'data': '1.225', 'method': 'constant'}

However, to store it in a database it'd be much better to convert it to a format such as JSON or Pickle. With Pickle you even preserve the order!