Django gives Bad Request (400) when DEBUG = False

I am new to django-1.6. When I run the django server with DEBUG = True, it's running perfectly. But when I change DEBUG to False in the settings file, then the server stopped and it gives the following error on the command prompt:

    CommandError: You must set settings.ALLOWED_HOSTS if DEBUG is False.

After I changed ALLOWED_HOSTS to ["",], in the browser I get the error:

    Bad Request (400)

Is it possible to run Django without debug mode?

The ALLOWED_HOSTS list should contain fully qualified host names , not urls. Leave out the port and the protocol. If you are using, I would add localhost to the list too:

    ALLOWED_HOSTS = ['', 'localhost']

You could also use * to match any host:

    ALLOWED_HOSTS = ['*']

Quoting the documentation:

Values in this list can be fully qualified names (e.g. ''), in which case they will be matched against the request’sHost header exactly (case-insensitive, not including port ). A value beginning with a period can be used as a subdomain wildcard: '' will match,, and any other subdomain of A value of '*' will match anything; in this case you are responsible to provide your own validation of the Host header (perhaps in a middleware; if so this middleware must be listed first in MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES).

Bold emphasis mine.

The status 400 response you get is due to a SuspiciousOperation exception being raised when your host header doesn't match any values in that list.


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