Creating dataframe from a dictionary where entries have different lengths

Say I have a dictionary with 10 key-value pairs. Each entry holds a numpy array. However, the length of the array is not the same for all of them.

How can I create a dataframe where each column holds a different entry?

When I try:


I get:

    ValueError: arrays must all be the same length

Any way to overcome this? I am happy to have Pandas use NaN to pad those columns for the shorter entries.

In Python 3.x:

    In [6]: d = dict( A = np.array([1,2]), B = np.array([1,2,3,4]) )

    In [7]: DataFrame(dict([ (k,Series(v)) for k,v in d.items() ]))
        A  B
    0   1  1
    1   2  2
    2 NaN  3
    3 NaN  4

In Python 2.x:

replace d.items() with d.iteritems().


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