selecting from multi-index pandas

I have a multi-index data frame with columns 'A' and 'B'.

Is there is a way to select rows by filtering on one column of the multi-index without reseting the index to single column index.

For Example.

    # has multi-index (A,B)
    #can i do this? I know this doesnt work because index is multi-index so I need to     specify a tuple

    df.ix[df.A ==1]

One way is to use the get_level_values Index method:

    In [11]: df
    A B
    1 4  1
    2 5  2
    3 6  3

    In [12]: df.iloc[df.index.get_level_values('A') == 1]
    A B
    1 4  1

In 0.13 you'll be able to use xs with drop_level argument:

    df.xs(1, level='A', drop_level=False) # axis=1 if columns

Note: if this were column MultiIndex rather than index, you could use the same technique:

    In [21]: df1 = df.T

    In [22]: df1.iloc[:, df1.columns.get_level_values('A') == 1]
    A  1
    B  4
    0  1