Custom PyCharm docstring stubs (i.e. for google docstring or numpydoc formats)

Does PyCharm 2.7 (or will PyCharm 3) have support for custom docstring and doctest stubs? If so, how does one go about writing this specific type of custom extension?

My current project has standardized on using the Google Python Style Guide ( I love PyCharm's docstring support, but it's only two supported formats right now are epytext and reStructureText. I want, and am willing to write myself, a PyCharm plugin that creates a documentation comment stub formatted in either Google or Numpydoc style ( Of special importance here is incorporating the type inference abilities that PyCharm has with the other two documentation types.

With PyCharm 5.0 we finally got to select Google and NumPy Style Python Docstrings templates.

It is also mentioned in the whatsnew section for PyCharm 5.0.

How to change the Docstring Format:

File --> Settings --> Tools --> Python Integrated Tools

There you can choose from the available Docstrings formats:

Plain, Epytext, reStructuredText, NumPy, Google

As pointed out by jstol: for Mac users, this is under

PyCharm -> Preferences -> Tools -> Python Integrated Tools.