Conda: Installing / upgrading directly from github

Can I install/upgrade packages from GitHub using conda?

For example, with pip I can do:

    pip install git+git://

to install scrappy directly from the master branch in GitHub. Can I do something equivalent with conda?

If this is not possible, would it make any sense to install pip with conda and manage such local installations with pip?

There's better support for this now through conda-env. You can, for example, now do:

    name: sample_env
       - requests
       - bokeh>=0.10.0
       - pip:
         - "--editable=git+[email protected]#egg=facebook_sdk-master"

It's still calling pip under the covers, but you can now unify your conda and pip package specifications in a single environment.yml file.

If you wanted to update your root environment with this file, you would need to save this to a file (for example, environment.yml), then run the command: conda env update -f environment.yml.

It's more likely that you would want to create a new environment:

conda env create -f environment.yml (changed as supposed in the comments)