How to plot two columns of a pandas data frame using points?

I have a pandas data frame and would like to plot values from one column versus the values from another column. Fortunately, there is plot method associated with the data-frames that seems to do what I need:

    df.plot(x='col_name_1', y='col_name_2')

Unfortunately, it looks like among the plot styles (listed here after the kind parameter) there are not points. I can use lines or bars or even density but not points. Is there a work around that can help to solve this problem.

You can specify the style of the plotted line when calling df.plot:

    df.plot(x='col_name_1', y='col_name_2', style='o')

The style argument can also be a dict or list, e.g.:

    import numpy as np
    import pandas as pd

    d = {'one' : np.random.rand(10),
         'two' : np.random.rand(10)}

    df = pd.DataFrame(d)


All the accepted style formats are listed in the documentation of matplotlib.pyplot.plot.