Get: TypeError: 'dict_values' object does not support indexing when using python 3.2.3

This is my code:

    {names[i]:d.values()[i] for i in range(len(names))}

This works completely fine when using python 2.7.3; however, when I use python 3.2.3, I get an error stating 'dict_values' object does not support indexing. How can I modify the code to make it compatible for 3.2.3?

In Python 3, dict.values() (along with dict.keys() and dict.items()) returns a view, rather than a list. See the documentation here. You therefore need to wrap your call to dict.values() in a call to list like so:

    v = list(d.values())
    {names[i]:v[i] for i in range(len(names))}


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