pandas resample documentation

So I completely understand how to use resample, but the documentation does not do a good job explaining the options.

So most options in the resample function are pretty straight forward except for these two:

  • rule : the offset string or object representing target conversion
  • how : string, method for down- or re-sampling, default to ‘mean’

So from looking at as many examples as I found online I can see for rule you can do 'D' for day, 'xMin' for minutes, 'xL' for milliseconds, but that is all I could find.

for how I have seen the following: 'first', np.max, 'last', 'mean', and 'n1n2n3n4...nx' where nx is the first letter of each column index.

So is there somewhere in the documentation that I am missing that displays every option for pandas.resample's rule and how inputs? If yes, where because I could not find it. If no, what are all the options for them?

    B       business day frequency
    C       custom business day frequency (experimental)
    D       calendar day frequency
    W       weekly frequency
    M       month end frequency
    SM      semi-month end frequency (15th and end of month)
    BM      business month end frequency
    CBM     custom business month end frequency
    MS      month start frequency
    SMS     semi-month start frequency (1st and 15th)
    BMS     business month start frequency
    CBMS    custom business month start frequency
    Q       quarter end frequency
    BQ      business quarter endfrequency
    QS      quarter start frequency
    BQS     business quarter start frequency
    A       year end frequency
    BA      business year end frequency
    AS      year start frequency
    BAS     business year start frequency
    BH      business hour frequency
    H       hourly frequency
    T       minutely frequency
    S       secondly frequency
    L       milliseonds
    U       microseconds
    N       nanoseconds

See the timeseries documentation. It includes a list of offsets (and 'anchored' offsets), and a section about resampling.

Note that there isn't a list of all the different how options, because it can be any NumPy array function and any function that is available via groupby dispatching can be passed to how by name.