How to sort a dataFrame in python pandas by two or more columns?

Suppose I have a dataframe with columns a, b and c, I want to sort the dataframe by column b in ascending order, and by column c in descending order, how do I do this?

As of the 0.17.0 release, the sort method was deprecated in favor of sort_values. sort was completely removed in the 0.20.0 release. The arguments (and results) remain the same:

    df.sort_values(['a', 'b'], ascending=[True, False])

You can use the ascending argument of sort:

    df.sort(['a', 'b'], ascending=[True, False])

For example:

    In [11]: df1 = pd.DataFrame(np.random.randint(1, 5, (10,2)), columns=['a','b'])

    In [12]: df1.sort(['a', 'b'], ascending=[True, False])
       a  b
    2  1  4
    7  1  3
    1  1  2
    3  1  2
    4  3  2
    6  4  4
    0  4  3
    9  4  3
    5  4  1
    8  4  1

As commented by @renadeen

Sort isn't in place by default! So you should assign result of the sort method to a variable or add inplace=True to method call.

that is, if you want to reuse df1 as a sorted DataFrame:

    df1 = df1.sort(['a', 'b'], ascending=[True, False])


    df1.sort(['a', 'b'], ascending=[True, False], inplace=True)